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Here are just a few testominals and reviews from some of Anthony's students.

"I have owned my guitar for a good view years with it just sitting in a corner of my study waiting for it to see whether it would ever be used for its intended purpose or whether it was just going to remain as an art installation. While assessing my new years resolutions for 2013 I decided to take up the idea of believing that an old dog could indeed be taught a new trick. I had seen Anthony play in a professional capacity on numerous occasions without ever knowing that Anthony was a guitar tacher and so in February made arrangements to start taking lessons as a somewhat mature adult.

I have found the way that Anthony has taught me thus far to be extremely practical and supportive and most importantly I admire the patience that Anthony continues to have with me. After a few lessons I have found that I am able to play some basic chords that can sound almost like the song that they are intended to be and with continued practice I will achieve my end goal of being able to play with relative confidence before old age sets in. I would strongly recommend anyone who is wanting to play to contact Melbourne Guitar Lessons and achieve the same goals that I have set."
Nada Vindis, Deer Park

"I've been waiting fifty years to learn the guitar and finally took the plunge with a few group lessons but knew it wasn't enough. I found Anthony and the one on one lessons are perfect for fixing all the little problems. Anthony really knows his stuff and he tailors lessons towards your interests and what you want to get out of playing. I can now see and hear the progress and with Anthony's help want to keep on learning, challenging myself and making music rather than noise."
Jim Mullholland, Maribyrnong

"After playing guitar on and off for 15 years, I finally wanted to get serious. I lucked out with Anthony. I have made more progress in 5 months than I did I 15 years. His guitar teaching approach is of a relaxed and easy going manner with, well thought out structures and practical lessons to get where I want to be. Going to my weekly lesson is a highlight,if you want to improve your, guitar playing and knowledge in a encouraging and enjoyable environment, I highly recommend Anthony"
John Jukic, Yarraville

"I had my fears about learning guitar as a mature age student, but Anthony's easy-going manner and immeasurable patience have made his lessons a hugely rewarding experience. Anthony is supportive, good-humoured, and his ability to impart such thorough musical theory whilst also nurturing the styles you prefer is incredible; giving his lessons a very tailored feel. I can't recommend Melbourne Guitar Lessons enough."
Ken Erickson, Elsterwick

"Anthony’s easy going nature has really helped our son feel comfortable with learning guitar. He has learned a variety of techniques in just a short time and remained motivated to practice with the variety of songs that he has been given."
Sonja Berryman, Altona

"As a beginner who has always wanted to play guitar I have loved having Anthony as a teacher. He has a structured approach that combines techniques and music theory with learning the songs you want to play. Anthony is always happy to transcribe any of my favourite songs so I get to learn the music I love. The twice yearly student concerts also gives you the opportunity to play what you have learnt in a relaxed environment. I’m very happy to recommend Anthony to all prospective students."
Justin Hodges, South Yarra

"My 9 year old daughter Lucy has been having lessons with Anthony for about 6 months, and she loves that she is already playing along to her favourite One Direction song! Anthony’s approach is friendly, relaxed and extremely patient, an important factor when teaching kids particularly after a busy day at school!"
Michelle & Lucy Breheny

"Learning the guitar with Anthony over the past year as a mature aged, beginning student has been a lot of fun. He takes a genuine interest in the sort of music that I want to learn to play and he tailors the lessons and the music to my interests and ability while also gentle coaxing me to focus on the necessary theory.

I have really appreciated his willingness to transcribe and teach me songs by request and his identification of music that he knows I will enjoy playing and learn from. And he has the patience of a saint. "
Tim Best, Kensington

"I started guitar lessons with Anthony as a beginner earlier this year. Anthony's style of teaching keeps you interested and motivated from the outset. I highly recommenced Anthony for guitar lessons."
Justin Thomas

"Anthony has a very structured approach for teaching guitar. The plan and modules caters for beginners to advanced. The modules, the pre recorded practice tracks and videos helped me check if I am playing correctly at home. As a novice, it is always better to be fed concepts at adequate intervals. Anthony knows when to do it. Happy I found him."
Harsh Madaan, Point Cook

"Patrick (11 years) has been learning guitar for a few years now. We have found that both his enjoyment and progress have come along in leaps and bounds since working with Anthony. He practices every day just because he likes playing guitar and is very excited about working toward his Grade 1 exam."
Geraldine and Simon Fowler, Sunshine

"After Jaydens first lesson, he got into the car and said' I have just learnt more in that one lesson than I learnt the whole time at school lessons'. Mum was very pleased.

Anthony has proven himself to be professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable and passionate musician. My son actually practices. I recommend Anthony as a teacher."
Indre Kisonas, Williamstown

"Anthony has been a great teacher and has helped my guitar playing to improve drastically in the past few months. He has a great system of grading that helps to track my progress and achieve my goals. He also has a great knowledge of music theory and explains clearly how songs and ideas work in various styles of music like blues and rock. I’d highly recommend him as a guitar teacher if you want to get results and improve your playing."
Paul Worrall, Yarraville

"Compared with the group music lessons we've tried, I really feel the value in one-on-one guitar lessons. Anthony's patient and encouraging teaching style means that Leo feels challenged, but not overwhelmed. He really feels like he's making progress at his own pace and learning to read music and play some pretty cool songs - so he loves going to guitar lessons with Anthony!"
Linda North, parent of Leo, aged 8.

"I would like to thank you for being such a good teacher! It's really hard to find great, passionate and thorough teachers like yourself, so I am delighted you are just down the road!"
Clare Greig, Seddon

“I’m a novice beginner and getting started is challenging. Anthony is a gifted musician and as an educator he has a patient and humble style that has me making progress.”
Rob Flick, Newport

“I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar but always lacked someone to motivate me. Anthony has made the journey interesting and is not only teaching me what I want to learn, but also expanding my horizons with styles of music I never would of listened to before. Couldn’t ask for a better instructor!”
Tony Dymock, Deer Park

For more information or to book a lesson call Anthony on 0408 058 525 or email