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Student Testimonial

“I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar but always lacked someone to motivate me. Anthony has made the journey interesting and is not only teaching me what I want to learn, but also expanding my horizons with styles of music I never would of listened to before. Couldn’t ask for a better instructor!”
Tony Dymock, Deer Park

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                Knocking On Heavens Door                
Knocking On Heavens Door - Guitar Lesson

    This Bob Dylan tune is a great song for    
        beginners only using 4 chords and       
     introduces strumming patterns / rhythm  
                   to new guitarists.                    

       Arpeggios & House of The Rising Sun        
Arpeggios & House of The Rising Sun

 Arpeggios are playing a chord one note at  
     a time like the start of Led Zeppelins     
        "Stairway to Heaven" or the song        
            "House of The Rising Sun".            


Melbourne Guitar Lessons

Lessons are available for all levels of players from beginners to intermediate and more advanced players. All ages are covered from children to adults.

Guitar lessons cover essential elements of guitar playing and music including:

  • Technique – Using guitar picks, fingerstyle & correct fretboard fingering
  • Rhythm Guitar – Chords, arpeggios & more
  • Lead Guitar – Scales, modes, arpeggios, melodies, improvising & more
  • Music Reading – Reading notes (not just guitar tab) helps to learn the notes on the guitar, makes you a better musician & it helps to understand music theory
  • Aural – learn how to hear chords, intervals and harmony to learn songs by ear

Guitar lessons can be tailored to your musical goals and tastes. It often helps to keep students motivated if they are learning songs from their favourite bands and artists. Styles covered include rock, pop, folk, blues and jazz.

Students who want a structured goal in improving thier guitar playing and music knowledge can choose to enroll for the AMEB CPM (Contemporary Popular Music) guitar exams. The AMEB CPM material helps guitarists to be adaptable for a range of musical styles including rock, blues, jazz, funk and more and teaches students essential playing techniques and music theory knowledge.

Barre Chords, Guitar Picks & Muscle Memory
Barre Chords, Holding the Guitar Pick & Muscle Memory

      Guitar playing tips including playing       
       barre chords, holding the guitar pick     
    & developing muscle memory to easily    
     learn how to change between chords.      

                 The CAGED Chord System                  
The CAGED Chord System

   The CAGED chord system for guitar shows  
  you how to play all major and minor chords 
     on the guitar all based on the fingering   
     patterns for the C A G E and D chords.     
                     Bending Guitar Strings                     
Bending Strings - Guitar Lesson

     This intermidate guitar video tutorial       
          gives players tips and advice on        
                  how to bend strings for             
         blues and rock guitar lead playing.     

           Hammer Ons, Pull Offs & Tapping           
Hammer Ons, Pull Offs & 2 Handed Tapping - Guitar Lesson

  This intermidate / advanced guitar tutorial  
              at developing technique for           
 hammer ons, pull offs & 2 handed tapping. 

Why Learn Guitar With a Teacher?

Learning to play guitar through videos and websites online can be great and some people can learn quite a bit on your own, however one on one lessons are really recommended if you want to focus on advancing your guitar playing. Self teaching can lead to bad guitar playing habits that a dedicated teacher can help prevent. Also a guitar teacher can give you the right advice, and planned structured lessons that can help to develop aspects of your playing that need work.

AMEB CPM (Contemporary Popular Music) course repertoire can also be taught and students can be enrolled for AMEB CPM bass exams. The AMEB CPM syllabus covers 4 Advancing Steps which includes technical, set works and free choice pieces (including rock, pop, funk, jazz and latin music), improvising, theory, aural and reading skills. Further detailed information can be found on the AMEB website or by contacting Anthony.

30 or 60 minute minute lessons are held in the suburb of Seddon in Melbourne’s inner west between Yarraville and Footscray and practice material is provided on CD, sheet music and notes.

For further information or to book a lesson contact Anthony on 0408 058 525 or email