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Student Testimonial

"Anthony has been teaching our 15 year old daughter for 6 months. With his patience, encouraging guidance and professionalism, she is gaining conifidence in reading and understanding the fundamentals of playing music in preparation for year 11 music.

Anthony understands the individual needs of the student and allows flexibility to the music that is learnt and played. He happily shares his euthusiasm for both teaching and music. We highly recommend him"

Glenn Casey, Williamstown

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Buying A Guitar

When buying your first guitar you have 3 main options, nylon string acoustic (classical), steel string acoustic and the electric guitar. Each has their own pros and cons and differences in tone that makes them suit different styles of music.

Nylon String Acoustic Guitars (Classical)

The nylon string or classical guitar is traditionally used in classical, flamenco and folk music. The sound of this guitar is much more mellow and rounded than a steel string acoustic and tends to sound better played with the finger tips verses being played with a pick.

The advantages for beginners is that on the nylon string guitar itís much easier on the fingers than steel strings as nylon is a much softer material than steel. Also the cost of a reasonable quality nylon string acoustic guitar is about $150-300 which is less than an equivalent quality steel string guitar.

Classical Nylon String Guitar

Famous Nylon String Acoustic Guitarists include:

  • John Williams – Classical
  • Luiz Bonfa – Latin/Bossa Nova
  • Paco Pena - Flamenco

Quality Manufacturers of Nylon String Guitars Include:

  • Almansa
  • Ibanez
  • Yamaha

Steel String Acoustic Guitars

Steel string acoustic guitars are used more often in rock, country, blues and also in folk music. The sound of this guitar is much brighter and louder than a nylon string acoustic and generally is more suited to strumming or playing with a guitar pick than the nylon string guitar.

One disadvantage for beginners on the steel string guitar is that it’s tougher on the fingers with the steel strings being much less forgiving on fingertips than nylon. It can take a few weeks of daily practice to develop calluses on your finger tips to help reduce the initial pain of playing a steel string acoustic. Also the cost of a reasonable quality steel string acoustic guitar at about $250-400 is more than an equivalent quality nylon string guitar.

However for most pop/rock players this is the guitar they will eventually choose as it suits this style of music better than a nylon string guitar. Also many steel string guitars come with a built in pickup allowing them to be plugged into guitar amplifiers and PAs for more volume when performing or playing with bands etc.

Famous Steel String Acoustic Guitarists include:

  • John Butler – Roots/Rock
  • David Gilmour – Pink Floyd
  • Joni Mitchell – Folk
  • James Taylor – Folk
  • Jimmy Page – Led Zeppelin
  • Tommy Emmanuel - Country

Quality Manufacturers of Steel String Acoustic Guitars Include:

  • Cort
  • Epiphone
  • Fender
  • Gibson
  • Ibanez
  • Maton
  • Takamine
  • Yamaha
Steel String Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars work through the vibrations of the steel strings being transmitted from the pickups on the instrument to a guitar amplifier creating the sound. This allows for electric guitars to be much louder with their volume only being limited by the power or size of the amp. Electric guitars often use effects like distortion for longer sustain. Guitarists like Hendrix revolutionised the sound of the electric guitar by using distortion at high volumes to create sustain that allowed him to play long notes that are simply not able to be played on an acoustic guitar.

While also using steel strings electric guitars are easier to play than steel string acoustics as the string gauge (thickness) is less which also allows guitarists to more easily bend the strings in guitar solos which is essential for playing blues and most modern rock guitar.

However beginners who start out on electric will find it difficult to then move onto a steel string acoustic as it does require more strength in the fingers to play individual notes and in particular barre chords. Due to this it is best recommended to start on a steel string acoustic and then move over to electric guitar as this change is much easier.

Famous Electric Guitarists include:

  • Jeff Beck – Rock/Fusion
  • Eric Clapton – Blues/Rock
  • David Gilmour – Pink Floyd
  • Kirk Hammet – Metallica
  • Jimi Hendrix – Blues/Rock
  • Jimmy Page – Led Zeppelin
  • David Gilmour – Pink Floyd
  • Joe Satriani - Rock
  • Steve Vai - Rock
  • Eddie Van Halen – Van Halen

Quality Manufacturers of Electric Guitars Include:

  • Epiphone
  • Fender
  • Gibson
  • Ibanez
  • Squier (made by Fender)
  • Yamaha

For beginners there are a whole range of electric guitar packs to consider that include an electric guitar, small practice amp and accessories. Packs from Squier and Yamaha are good value at about $400 to $500.

Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar

For more information or to book a lesson call Anthony on 0408 058 525 or email