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“Compared with the group music lessons we've tried, I really feel the value in one-on-one guitar lessons. Anthony's patient and encouraging teaching style means that Leo feels challenged, but not overwhelmed. He really feels like he's making progress at his own pace and learning to read music and play some pretty cool songs - so he loves going to guitar lessons with Anthony!”

Linda North, parent of Leo, aged 8

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Melbourne Guitar Teacher

Anthony has taught over 200 guitar and bass guitar students and as a guitar teacher he has used his diverse musical experience to tailor individual lessons for students of all ages and levels from beginners to more advanced guitarists.

Anthony is driven to help people achieve their music and guitar playing goals whether it’s strumming through a simple 3 chord song, or learning how to improvise over complex chord changes. He is dedicated to students who are willing to practice guitar and study music as he himself is a practicing guitarist and student of music. To continue to learn and grow as a musician is an ongoing journey that has become part of Anthony’s life.

Anthony also possesses a Working With Children Check (WWCC) from the Victorian Department of Justice and enjoys teaching guitar to children and teenagers. He uses several techniques to engage primary school children who may have trouble playing certain things on guitar such as 6 string chords instead by simplifying them down to 3 strings with 1 or 2 fingers to get them started. For high school and teenage students Anthony ensures that the students are working on music that they know and enjoy to keep them motivated and interested in playing and practicing the guitar.

Anthony has also written a book Learning To Play The Guitar - An Absolute Beginner's Guide which is now avaialbe on To compliment the book he also has a blog Learning To Play The Guitar which is regulalry updated with guitar playing tips and advice.

Anthony also teaches bass guitar and more information on bass guitar lessons can be found on the Bass Guitar Lessons website.

Anthony Pell has been playing guitar for over twenty years in several bands around his home town of Melbourne. Currently Anthony plays guitar in the acoustic covers duo Deuawd. Being the sole guitarist in the duo he often uses a Boss Looper pedal to create his own rhythm backing tracks which allows him to play guitar solos and layer intricate guitar parts.

Influenced by a range of guitarists including Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Nuno Bettencourt, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin and many more Anthony is always striving to develop his playing and musical knowledge further.

Anthony Pell - Guitar Teacher

Anthony is also a bass guitarist & double bassist playing in the Melbourne jazz/funk/soul band Trumpet. This band regularly plays public and private gigs in and around Melbourne playing hundreds of gigs with this band.

As a dynamic and well versed musician, Anthony also has a music degree which encompassed classical composition and audio engineering components. Anthony also writes and records music productions for TV, film and video.

Anthony also records and performs electronic/funk/jazz groove music under the name of Apell and released his 3rd studio album “Reconstituted” in 2008 and is currently working on his 4th release due 2013.

For further information or to book a lesson contact Anthony on 0408 058 525 or email